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Sahab based in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh; is one of the first national engineering entities who led the engineering consultancy and a main advisor in the safety and firefighting domain. Sahab is a member of the Saudi Engineering Committee, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Within all the scientific and the technical growth, Sahab actively interacts with the largest engineering consultancy agencies and organizations inside and outside of Saudi Arabia; through long term plans that ensure continuity and creativity in all areas of engineering actions. Sahab today by the grace of God and the confidence of its customers, is a crucial part of the engineering society for many ministries, committees, and private sector enterprises with the outstanding projects whereas it proved a great success in the architecture, structural design, project management, and the safety/ firefighting READ MORE...

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The following services are the primary fields of expertise at Sahab

Surveying Engineering

Specialist surveyors are available at Sahab to provide cadastral surveys to study terrestrial dimensions and the READ MORE...

Architectural Engineering

Correct architectural design refiects positively and directly on the society and the culture of our civilization READ MORE...

Urban Design

Sahab is keen to improve the economic growth and enhance the urban life by presenting sustainable plans READ MORE...

Civil Engineering

The core of this profession is providing suitable engineering solutions for the civil progression.Thus, our READ MORE...

Mechanical Engineering

Sahab is strongly emphasizing to apply high quality standard in all designs and studies as well as the projects READ MORE...

Electrical Engineering

Nowadays the massive organizational growth and its diversity led to a primary-daily-usage of electricity.Thus READ MORE...

Safety and Firefighting

Safety and firefighting Engineering has become a field that israpidly growing with its constantly updated requirements READ MORE...

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